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Chickens have thumbs?

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 26, 2008

I had no idea, with a little claw on them too.  I cooked a whole chicken today for food for the week, which I have done before but never noticed the thumb.

Inspired byt Anthony Diluglio’s Lucky Number 7 Flw drill.

HR 79
Warm up 16K
swing X 10/10
Squat X 10/10
1/2 Snatch X 10/10
press X 10/10
HR 167 Time 6:40

Round 1
24K bell, do the left side for all exercises then the right
Turkish Getup
Overhead Squat
Reverse Turkish getup
HR 161 Time 8:40

Round 2
24K, Do all exercise for the left side then do the right
Turkish Getup
Overhead Squat
Swing X 10
1/2 Snatch X 5
Press X 5
Straight leg Deadlift X 5
Reverse Turkish Getup
HR 165 Time 13:54

Round 3
24K, Do all exercise on the left then do all on the right
Turkish Getup
Clean and jerk x 5
Squat X 5
Row X 5
Reverse Turkish Getup
HR 171 Time 17:30
Rest 2:30 HR 129 Time 20:00

Round 1 HR 156  Time 21:14
Round 2 HR 171 Time 26:11
Round 3 HR 178 Time 29: 51
Rest 5:00 HR 110 Time 35:00

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