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I need to get a second 24k bell

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 21, 2008

Unexpectedly training from home tonight, i don’t have 2 24K bells so doing another Strength in Motion workout was out so i dug out the copy of the Art of Strength Enter the Kettlebell Workbook that I have but have never used. I flipped to the last workout and did it.

Exercise Time of Completion HR of Completion Notes
Begin 00:00 85
DFD6 5:00 163 Replaced 30 seconds of each exercise with 10 reps, 16K
C&P + Row ladder to 5 10:07 160 I messed up the order, I did all my C&Js then row. 24K from here on
Rest 11:14 135
C&P + Row ladder to 5 14:56 176 went well
Rest 15:30 167
C&P + Row ladder to 5 19:30 181
Rest 19:48 175
C&P + Row ladder to 5 23:37 183 I forgot my rows until the third set so I had to catch up
Rest 24:05 177
C&P + Row ladder to 5 27:53 182 I may have lost count and repeated set 5
Rest 30:00 141 Slightly longer rest than previous to change gears
Swinges 25/25 24K 31:35 181
Rest 33:00 150 I had to go for chalk
Swinges 25/25 24K 34:40 184
Rest 41:00 141
Swinges 25/25 24K 42:40 180
Rest 45:00 145
Swinges 25/25 24K 46:46 179 I actually set the bell down with 6 reps to go, unwilling to go on. I took a couple breaths and finished it up.
5 Minutes later 52:00 110

The Clean and Presses weren’t as bad as I expected they would be. I came through those thinking, it this is the last workout in the series, I’m glad I didn’t spend more time going through it. Then came the swings. Anthony never said whether these were supposed to be one hand or two. I assume he meant two since he just said 25 and not 25/25 or 25 L/R but i decided to got for One handed doing 25 each side. That definitely made it a workout.

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