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Putting the mental in experimental

Posted in Kettlebells,Rest and Recovery by Mike on October 14, 2008

Two workouts today, yes two

Experiment number 1 – morning workout
12K Kettelbell (yes, 12K)
2H swing X 10
1H swing X 5/5
Snatch X 5/5
Clean + Bottom up press X 5/5
3 circuits
This is as best I can recall, that was hours ago.
This is really light and I know it. I still have major reservations about training heavy in the morning. On top of that, this ins’t meant to be a hard workout. I just want to get some blood flowing, to get that nice feeling you get with morning training and because I’ve been feeling a real impulse to get a little more movement in my day.

Experiment two – Anthony DiLuglio workout
warmup – DFD2 2 rounds 16K
Unless I otherwise indicate, all of the following is with a 24K kettlebell. 30 seconds training, 30 seconds rest
One Arm Press, Left – 8
One Arm Press, Right – 8
1/2 Snatch, Left – 8
1/2 Snatch, Right – 8
Double Squat (2 24K kbs) X 6
Barbell Getup Situp (no weight) X 3
Figure 8 to Hold (16K kb) X 7/8
Should Width Push Up X 13
rest (total 1:30 rest)
One Arm Push Press, Left X 9
One Arm Push Press, Right X 9
Snatch, Left X 9
Snatch, Right X 9
H2H Sum Deadlift X 20
Side Bend, Left X 12
Side Bend, Right X 14
Alternating Clean (Dip and Switch) X 5/6
Wide Pushup X 15
Double Clean and Jerk (2 24K kbs) X 5
Double C&J X 5
1/2 Snatch, L X 7
1/2 Snatch, R X 8
Behind the neck squat X 12
Windmill X 2/1
Double C&J X 5
Staggered Pushup X 8 (singles, 1/2s)
High Plank (sets of 5 seconds)
This is the first workout from Punch Gym’s new eBook, Strength in Motion. I recommend it highly. I’m torn between my desire┬áto post my workouts in the public domain and my desire to not theive anyone’s intellectual property. For me, posting workouts wins. All I can say is, I like Anthony’s book, I recommend Anthony’s book, you could attempt to rebuild his book based on some workouts I will be doing but you will be missing things. So if you want to try it, go get a copy.
There are some movements in here that I have never done before, fortunately Anthony posted an FAQ video which is helpful.

Strength in Motion Q&A from art of strength on Vimeo.

This workout was tough. It was tough because it was new, because I was using a relatively heavy bell for me, 24K and because I made some mistakes. The big mistake was doing two double clean and jerks where I should have done single long cycles. That about put me down. I spent that last set fighting to keep going and to not let my body get carried away with itself.
I know the workout was tough for a couple reasons. First, I felt it, I was worn out and my shirt was soaked. Second, people reactions. I got some funny double takes on my back to the locker room, still dripping. I’m corgial as I travel, I say hi to folks, whether I know them or not. I walked past one guy I see ever week, we said our “how’s it going” and he started to say something about did I have a good workout, then turned and looked and said “I know you had a good workout”. A good workout it was.

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