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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 7, 2008

24K snatch 5:00 – yep did it finally
15/15, 10/10,5/5,5/5
70 by my count

Squats – these ended up becoming a mess of who knows what.
I started doing “low” squats onto the lowest jump box they had. I relized Iwas just hitting parallel. So I started looking for something lower. Of course, the next box was too low. I couldn’t even squat with no weight onto it, under control. So I got about looking for that happy medium box. I ended up with one of the step aerobic things, the green ones, with purple adjustable risers that you can see at most gyms and universities. I had two risers under it. It was still a bit of a challenge to hit it under control, even without weight. so I did that for a while

Abs – same static abs

jump hangs – I meant to d jump hangs but they have  peg board (which I’m too weak to use) and a thing like a short ladder hanging from the wall at pull up height. I ended upplaying around climbing up and this thing a couple times instead. I tried to do jumphangs after but that was right out.

That was it, I was out of time.

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  1. No. 6 said,

    Heh heh I knew you would find a step useful for something. 😀

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