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a story about a guy

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on September 30, 2008

Today I had my energy back. So I used it up.

24K 1 Handed Swings 10/10
12K X 2 Squat 10
10 sets
I set out to do ten sets of these. I was feeling it at three. I told myself that I set out to do ten, I needed to at least do five, at the very least. Five came easier than three did so I did a sixth. Then I was sure I couldn’t finish. I told myself a story about a guy I heard of who thought he could only do three then went on to do six, that’s a whole 100% more, surely I could do a meer 70% more if he could do 100% more. I got to eight and really knew I couldn’t go on. i told myself a story about I guy I heard of who knew he could only do three and did a whopping eight, that’s 170% more, surely I could do a meer 40% more if he could do a full 1705 more. So I did.

I didn’t have a timer with an alarm running but I did start my stop watch running when I started and I checked it at five sets, 10:30 and at ten sets, 29:00.

Static Abs X 1.5
I did my three planks but for the second set, I could only hold each side for a 15 count.

Jump Hangs Pull X 5, Chin X 5
This is basically me jumping to a pull up or chin up position and holding it or slowing my decent as much as possible. My pull ups have always been poor, this is me hoping to put something together to get them up.

In other news, my back has been feeling as good as new lately. I’m doing everything I can to not over do it though. The last thing I want is to end up hurt again but I don’t think I have been this healthy, injury-wise, in a year. I’m looking for documentation in my blog to prove it to myself but I can’t find any yet. I know that long before I had any idea that I was injuried, I started to have trouble with discomfort during my pull ups. Seems like that was a year ago or more.