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Five Finger Discount

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on September 28, 2008

My snazzy new shoes came on Wednesday. I took them on a walk. You walk a lot more like you are barefoot, not heel to toe like with tennis shoes. They provide adequate protection from most things although someone who thought they were going to jog in them might be in for a nasty surprise. I wondered if I hadn’t gotten them one size too large (I got size 41, so it’s only like a quarter of an inch difference). When I got home I reviewed the fitting instructions and got them just right. I could probably go a size smaller but it would be a gamble and these are just fine.

I was having a hard time settling on what to do in the gym. I was also having trouble wanting to do anything. I think I was just feeling a bit run down. I went ahead and tried.

12K jerk X 20 (12k in each hand)
24K swing X 20 (10/10)
16K squat X 15
12K jerk X 20
24K swing X 10 (5/5)
16K squat X 15
12k jerk X 20
24K swing X 10
16K squat X 10
12K jerk X 20
24k swing X 10

Static Abs(a bunch of different planks)

That’s as best I can recall it. Like I said, I was struggling to find the motivation. Once I got started, I had started with too many reps in a couple areas and the workout just kind of disintegrated.

Friday – off

Saturday – Bike random setting level 13 for 30 minutes
The big news of this workout was that I did some pull ups afterward. My pull ups have dropped in count (weight gain plus a lack of practice). The good news is that I didn’t feel it in my nerve at all. This has been one of the exercises that has been a hold out in reminding me that I’m still a bit injured. It comes from the position that I, and most people, get into for pull ups, with the hips pressed through pretty hard. As I looked back on my injury, this was also one of the first symptoms I had although I didn’t recognize it at the time. So, I’ll start trying to remember to do these after planks now.

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