Anvil or Hammer

Flip Flops

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on September 16, 2008

***** Surgeon general’s warning*****
Never, ever do this, you could get injured, maimed, killed or worse (kicked out).

*****End Surgeon General’s warning *******

On tuesdays and Thursdays I have to pack my my food and clothes for a 14ish hour day. Invariable, some things get forgotten. That was the case today. I forgot my gym shows. The good news is tha I take sandals to shower in and those did not get forgotten. So, today’s workout was performed in sandals, which wasn’t all that bad but it left me trying to dodge authority figures on my way to the kettlebells as open toed shoes are forbidden.

3minutes on, 3 minute off
16K snatch X 75 (25/25, 25L)
16K snatch X 75 (20/25, 10/15,5/5,5/5,5/5)
6K chestpass to the wall X 75
8K row 130 (25/25,25/25,10/10,5/5)
24K 2H swing 60 (25,15,10,10)