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The most fun you can have with your belt on

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on September 9, 2008

Jerk (two bells)
12K 3 X 10
24K 5 X 5
12K 5 X 20
2 hand swing
24K 4 X 25

I gave myself a minute for each set. For anything with the 12K’s, I went each minute. Things with the 24K(s) I did a minute of training and a minute of rest.
As I kind of referenced, I did this with a belt on, not something I have done before. Yesterday i got the green light from my PT to proceed on my own path and was told that whatever I’m doing is working so keep it up. She warned against a rapid return to heavy stuff and to just be careful with the over head stuff. Since i was going overhead and a bit heavier than usual, I decided to try it with a belt, it’s what all the grivek’s do anyway. It did seem to help with the jerks, it takes some of the load from the midsection and places it square on the hips. With the swings, it’s been a while since I just did swings, it seemed to place a lot more of the effort in the glutes, it also explains the differences between Hardstyle and Girvoy kettle snatches.
it was educational if nothing else. Let’s see how the body is coping tomorrow.

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  1. Scott Styles said,

    Congrats on the PT green light. The 4×25 double swings with the 24k look tough.

  2. Mike said,

    Thanks Scott, it was a happy thing.I still have to be aware but it’s nice to know I’m doing well.
    The jerks weren’t as bad as I expected. I think the belt helped. I also thing the hardest part about KB jerks is the pressure on your upper body, resting with a pair of kettlebells in you hands, loaded on your chest is an exercise it in it’s own right.
    The swings with the 24K on the other hand were much more challenging than I expected. I don’t know if it was the belt or just being out of practice/condition/shape but I felt done at rep 15 of each set, at 20 I felt like I couldn’t go on and at 25 I was eternally grateful to being able to set down the bell.

  3. Chris Rice said,

    Mike – I keep considering actually working out with KBs seriously but I keep wondering what will happen to my overall strength in things like my Oly Lifting etc. So I’m real curious to watch what you are doing and see how you think the bells address the greater strength aspect of things. I have no doubt the strength endurance side of things would increase greatly. I guess at some point, I just need to bite the bullet and give it a shot.

  4. Mike said,


    I think the question you are asking is, “If I only train kettlebells, will my maximum strength reduce?” I’d say definitely. For me, right now, that’s not a problem as my 6 month lay off has done plenty of that for me. It’s not any different that training climbing and not doing your oly practice. Your climbing goes up, your Oly drops a bit or stays level.
    I’m doing it for a few reasons:
    It helps me train without placing my still healing back in danger on a regular basis.
    It’s something I’ve thought about doing many times.
    It should help me transition into losing weight a bit more seriously than in the past.
    It’s a kind of training that will serve me better in the long term that straight up powerlifting.

    I figure my training from one year to the next is really up in the air, who knows when boredom will kick in or I’ll face some other injury but for now, this is fitting the bill.

    Of course, the idea of training “KBs seriously” is a whole different ball of wax. Different folks have different ideas of serious. I wouldn’t consider what I’m doing as serious. I’d be interested to know more of the hypothetical of what serious kettlebell training would mean to you. Feel free to say something here or on farmstrength ore elsewhere.

  5. Chris Rice said,

    Mike – let’s move this to Farmstrength so we can open it up a bit maybe.

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