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The most fun you can have with your belt on

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on September 9, 2008

Jerk (two bells)
12K 3 X 10
24K 5 X 5
12K 5 X 20
2 hand swing
24K 4 X 25

I gave myself a minute for each set. For anything with the 12K’s, I went each minute. Things with the 24K(s) I did a minute of training and a minute of rest.
As I kind of referenced, I did this with a belt on, not something I have done before. Yesterday i got the green light from my PT to proceed on my own path and was told that whatever I’m doing is working so keep it up. She warned against a rapid return to heavy stuff and to just be careful with the over head stuff. Since i was going overhead and a bit heavier than usual, I decided to try it with a belt, it’s what all the grivek’s do anyway. It did seem to help with the jerks, it takes some of the load from the midsection and places it square on the hips. With the swings, it’s been a while since I just did swings, it seemed to place a lot more of the effort in the glutes, it also explains the differences between Hardstyle and Girvoy kettle snatches.
it was educational if nothing else. Let’s see how the body is coping tomorrow.