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two little ones

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on September 7, 2008

Today was a pretty great day. It started with my wife feeling like going to the park to play frisbee. No, it’s not a workout but it’s fun. While we were there we jogged around the soccer field a couple times, also her idea. It was very cool. It was a nice unstructured bit of outdoor fun.

For a workout I decided to try something I had heard about but never tried. I got a deck of cards and assigned each suit an exercise.

  • Clubs- 16K snatch
  • Hearts – Hindu Squat
  • Spades – Push Up
  • Diamonds – Mountain Climber
  • Joker – Burpee (of the number of the next card)

Each exercise got done the number of the card, all face cards were worth ten and and ace was worth one. If I do something like this more, I can play with those.  If someone has an idea for something to replace push ups, I’d like to hear it. I thought about crunches or sumo deadlift. Here’s how the cards fell.

K S (King of Spades), 5 D, 7 D, Q D, Q C, 6 S, 7 C, 5 H,10 S, 9 D, J S, Joker 8, 10 C, A S, 5 C, 3 H, 7 H, 2 C, K D, Joker Joker Queen

By my tally that is

  • Snatch – 35
  • Squat – 15
  • Push Up – 37
  • Mountain Climber – 41
  • Burpee – 18

Nothing to write home about, that is for certain, but it was a good workout. It lasted 10:30 before I was too worn out to continue. It was that last set of ten burpees that I couldn’t complete that decided it for me. I was winded after the first four cards though.

I may need to tinker with it a bit but the idea is sound. I’d like it to last more like twenty minutes but some of that is just getting into shape for it. It sure looks like a lot less than it felt like.

Other items of interest for today:
The punch gym, shot loadable kettlebells look awesome, especially the New Bulldog, I watched a great YouTube clip from punch today. They are priced awfully steep though. Someday I’ll be there. Then again there are other options too.

My wife and I had a discussion about diet. She commented that she noticed that I was more successful with an all meat and veg diet and encouraged me to go back to it. I will in some capacity. I think my intestines will thank me, all this bread stuff hasn’t worked great with them…and I only eat whole wheat…

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