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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on September 5, 2008

*warning, this is just me trying to think through something. Keep that in mind*

I’m finding it hard to find my place right now. I’m still trying to be intelligent about training. That said, I’m trying to get backinto training too. Those two factors combine to mean that I want to train but in a different way. That’s been coming along well I think. That’s what the kettlebell circuits have been about. It won’t always be circuits, heck, it won’t always be kettlebells but it works for now.

I’m trying to find my groove again but it’s been difficult. I think school forcing my schdule to be more regular will help me. ┬áIt will still be challenging at times to get the other two or so workouts a week I need. One of the biggest speed bumps I have encountered, but should have totally predicted, is the increased recovery. Of course, with the kind of time I’ve had out this is going to happen. It still took me by surprise.

Obviously, the remedy to this is patience. I have some, more some days than others. I’m looking forward to a time in a month or two where I can count on knocking out two or three, solid kettlebell workouts in a week. I’ve decided that until I get to that point I’m not going to worry about anything else training wise. I’m not going to try and lose and weight, do any sorts of comparing workouts or any of the other traditional benchmarks. I’m gonna keep trying to eat right and so on. I just feel it is most important that I focus on one thing and right now, relative to training, the most important thing is just getting back in the habit.

nice recovery

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Concept II
Vent Closed
5K meters, 24 minutes

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