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more of the same, sorta

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on August 24, 2008

I just like this group of exercises but I need to throw some variety at it.

Snatch, Squat, Push up, Row, Triple Crush, Crunch – 16 kilo kettlebell 11 sets of 5

I never intended to go to 11. I gave myself 30 minutes and marked the first set as being done at 27 minutes. It seemed like 10 sets would be a stretch. I hit 5 and found myself at 18 minutes. I hit 9 and had 7 minutes to go. I had 5 minutes to go at the end of 10. I got one more in, one I was not mentally prepared for. I didn’t have time for a full 12 this time but I could have, if I had been ready.

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