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Where to go from here

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight,Rant by Mike on August 3, 2008

I’ve made several attempts at this post but none of them have gone where I intended. So I’m going to try and simplify it and see if it goes better.

So, I’m healed up, I’m back from vacation and I feel like it’s time to start again. Where to start?

I’ve gained about 15 pounds and I’ll admit that at least 10 pounds of it didn’t have to happen. I’d like to say I feel bad, guilty, sad or something but I really don’t. That said, I’m looking forward to taking them back off and then some. So, step one is to lose some weight.

I decided my diet can start no regardless of how training goes initially. In that vein, I’m cooking chicken breasts as we speak. This week, I intend to eat salad, nut, chicken and maybe some fruit 4 days out of 5 at work. The fifth day is a dinner of a coworker and I’m allowing some freedom. I’m also going to return to cataloging my intake. I realize it’s kind of anal and not normal but it helps me get on track. It’s work before, it works for Jason Statham, Henry Rollins, Scott Styles (not the porno one) and it works for me. So I’m going to use it. I don’t know for how long.

Returning to training is also important to me. My training is going to be a bit different. I am still protecting my back quiet a lot and am not ready to return to squats or pulls yet. I’m going to do some kettlebells, dumbbells and some chrome and fern type work. I’m not going to get as heavily into recovery in this first month. After I establish some kind of a pattern though, I’d like to do more recovery.

There, that was much shorter than my other attempts but I think it covers the bare bones of what I want to do. I’ll go with it.

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  1. Scott Styles said,

    Glad to see you back at it. There will always be ups and downs.

    Tracking your intake to re-establish healthy patterns is a great idea.

  2. Scott said,

    I agree with Scott. Tracking can be incredibly useful. Great to see you back.

  3. Chris Rice said,

    Over all my years of training I think I’ve tried about every type of workout and almost every sport out there and learned something – it’s almost all fun. So change is a constant and not something to feel guilty about – setbacks will happen, and this won’t be the last if you keep at it for another 40 or 50 years. Do the things you can, avoid or adjust the rest – always, always keep trying new things. If I could add up all the time off I’ve been forced to take over the years due to injury, it may be as long as you’ve been training in total. Well it’s been a lot anyway. It’s tough to remember when your big lifts are on the move, but this is all about “health” and the ability to live an active life with your loved ones – it’s called “training” for a reason – because it’s not the real event, life is.

  4. Mike said,

    Thanks for the warm and quick welcome back guys. I figured it’d be a week before I heard from some of you, only because I had been so inactive for some long.

    As a young guy, it’s hard for me to even imagine some of that. I guess that’s the whole wisdom thing coming into play. You get a few years and a few bumps and bruises and 4 months of inactivity takes on a bit of a different perspective. Some day…

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