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Where to go from here

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight,Rant by Mike on August 3, 2008

I’ve made several attempts at this post but none of them have gone where I intended. So I’m going to try and simplify it and see if it goes better.

So, I’m healed up, I’m back from vacation and I feel like it’s time to start again. Where to start?

I’ve gained about 15 pounds and I’ll admit that at least 10 pounds of it didn’t have to happen. I’d like to say I feel bad, guilty, sad or something but I really don’t. That said, I’m looking forward to taking them back off and then some. So, step one is to lose some weight.

I decided my diet can start no regardless of how training goes initially. In that vein, I’m cooking chicken breasts as we speak. This week, I intend to eat salad, nut, chicken and maybe some fruit 4 days out of 5 at work. The fifth day is a dinner of a coworker and I’m allowing some freedom. I’m also going to return to cataloging my intake. I realize it’s kind of anal and not normal but it helps me get on track. It’s work before, it works for Jason Statham, Henry Rollins, Scott Styles (not the porno one) and it works for me. So I’m going to use it. I don’t know for how long.

Returning to training is also important to me. My training is going to be a bit different. I am still protecting my back quiet a lot and am not ready to return to squats or pulls yet. I’m going to do some kettlebells, dumbbells and some chrome and fern type work. I’m not going to get as heavily into recovery in this first month. After I establish some kind of a pattern though, I’d like to do more recovery.

There, that was much shorter than my other attempts but I think it covers the bare bones of what I want to do. I’ll go with it.

Hello Old Friend

Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on August 3, 2008

I’m a week short of a full month since my last post. I’m just a day over a month since my last written workout, which means my workout yesterday represents one full month of doing nothing. I think we visited the Chrome and Fern a couple times in there but it’s hard for me to take that too seriously. Don’t get me wrong. I can get a sweat going. The cardio is good for me, I need more cardio but it lacks a certain something as well. There’s just not the same pleasure nor the same effort as when you do something with weights.

I have gained some insight into the plight of the common man, in terms of training. I wouldn’t train consistently either if all I had was some cardio and dumbbells. It’s not much fun and unless you have some understanding of how they will interact to help or hinder one another, it’s gonna feel like you’re spinning your wheels. Besides, those machines that tell you that you will magically burn fat at this heart rate and become cardiovascularly fit at that rate, they lie.

I’ve also gained a good bit of weight in a bad bit of a way. I’m up to, just short of, 245.  Some of it was inevitable, about 5 pounds of it. The other 10, all me. I’d like to say I regret it or some such but I can’t say I have any real emotion attached to it. It is weird to me though that I have been 20 and even 30lbs heavier. I can’t say I can fathom it at this point. I can’t say, either, that I feel like I know the difference. It all happens so slowly and I’m here for all of it so from one day to the next I get used to it.

My back is doing a lot better. The only time I notice anything is every great once in a while, not even daily, usually when getting up from a seated position. For just a moment I will feel a slight burning sensation in my left arch and my left glute will feel like it doesn’t want to work. It goes away almost as soon as I recognize it. I am still more cautious than before but it’s more fear than real injury at this point. My therapy is all but over as well. I need to set up a final check up appointment and get a bill of clean health. It’ll be nice to save the $50/week and to not have to try to make up the time at work or burn the PTO.

Since I’m feeling better. It’s time to make some decisions and some things. First, training doesn’t end. Injuries, owwies, boo boos, set backs, issues and all kinds of other nastiness may occur, but training is good for me in a lot of ways. Second, training changes. I’m just not interested in doing exactly what I was doing before. For one, it led to my injury. Also, some of it was starting to wear on me anyway. I’m still working out a lot of it in my head but powerlifting and strongman aren’t really going to be my focus, nothing about 1RM is really gonna be my focus.

I think that brings everyone, more or less, up to date. I’ve got a lot more stuff to write but I’m not quite sure where to being or where to end. A lot of it will be thinking out loud, so I can get things straight in my head. I will start my weekly weight log tomorrow, expect something about 243-245.  There will also be a food log, but more on that in my next long, rambling post.

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