Anvil or Hammer

On Idle

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 10, 2008

I’m not doing a lot right now. I’m feeling pretty decent but with a class I am trying to wrap up and vacation in under two weeks, it’s not an ideal time to start new habits, plus I am trying to avoid racing back and just injuring myself. Last week I did have an interesting experience, muscle soreness. I had done something that involved my legs for three days in a row and they let me know. While sorness isn’t what I would call “fun” it was nice to experience it again.

Over the weekend I didn’t train, I did spend a day putting together furniture.

This week,  I made it to the gym on Tuesday. Same stuff, Bike for 30 mins, then I stood on the flat part of the Bosu ball and did the medicine ball thing. I’m looking forward to actually doing some training eventually, this stuff gets boring.