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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 7, 2008

I made it into Dumbarton yesterday. Baring in mind my injury I tried to do a couple things.

Treadmill 3.0 mph 30min
Bench – Wide
135lbs 3 X 10
Bench – Narrow
135lbs 3 X 10
Chest Supported Row
90lbs 3 X 10

Treadmill 3.0 mph 15 min
Bicep Preacher Curl (db)
30lbs 3 X 6
Overhead Tricep Extension (db)
30lbs 3 x 6
Fixed Wrist Roller
20lbs X 3
Some playing with plate pinching

I went a lot lighter than I had to on the torso stuff. I was trying to be aware of my back issue. I also know that too much stimulation to my body in general can lead to setting off my sciatic nerve. I feels good to do something again, even if it’s not much. However, the last thing I want to do is put myself back in pain.

Today the strongman contest is going on, it’s awfully hot. I’m kinda glad to not be standing on blacktop doing something that I question each time I do it.

Monday I have my z-health session
Tuesday and Thursday are both physical therapy and, presumably, traction.

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  1. gene said,

    Good for you. Exercise is important. Self knowledge is important. Mix the two and use to your advantage.

    Yes, the hot weather is with you and not in Nebraska.

    How long can you comfortably sit now?

  2. Mike said,

    Thanks, hopefully i can use it to my advantage, rather than let it get the best of me.
    You guys are getting quite the rain there in the midwest. I recall ’93 and it makes it hard to enjoy the summer when it seems like everyweek has a rainstorm.
    The question of sitting can have a lot of variables in it but basically I could sit for about 2 hours with no ice and no changes in my ibuprofen, right now. I can use either to manipulate how long I can sit. These days i am doing full days at work, except when I have to leave for PT. I do use ice there to help. I try to make sure I get up hourly and move around but I have to admit that I have started getting comfortable enough that there have been a few times I have blown right past my hour mark without noticing.
    If you were thinking more along the lines of, can I sit on an airplane for two hours in about a month? That’s something that Laura and I have been trying to evaluate all along. I would have to say that I am very confident that I will be all set for July.

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