Anvil or Hammer

The rack!

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 5, 2008

Today I got a new experience. I got traction. The basic idea is that you pull on the body from the top and bottom you expand the space between the vertebrae. In my case, this may cause some of the pressure on the spinal cord to be relieved. My PT has a special treatment table for this. It splits in the middle like a dinning room table with a leaf that could go in it. At either end of table are motors that basically drive a pair of winches. A webbed belt was put around my hips with straps toward my feet and a belt was placed around the bottom of my ribs with straps toward my head. The machine applies tension for 45 seconds then releases for 15. It’s tight but I wouldn’t say it is uncomfortable.

It was a kinda experimental for me but it’s pretty standard treatment for diagnoses herniated discs. I think it helped, I feel like the nerve is more relieved today than it was yesterday and that’s really the only milestone I have to go off of. I’m kinda looking forward to round two on Tuesday.