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Adventures in the Chrome and Ferns

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on May 18, 2008

Well, this week has gone ok. It started off pretty bad, I couldn’t stay at work for even half a day on Monday and Tuesday, so I ended up working from home through Thursday. It didn’t help that on Monday I had a PT session that I basically wasted. We tried to see if there was a different point we could apply the heat, pressure and stim to get my recovery rolling along. I ended up throwing her a bit of a red hering. I could tell in a couple hours that I had totally wasted her time and mine. So on Thursday we went back to the place we have been working on but changed the order of events. It seems to have helped quite a bit which is good cause I was headed toward the end of my tether.

Friday was my first day back at work again, it went pretty well. No real difficulties until 2:30ish, it was headed toward being an issue by the time I was headed home. I did go to Dumbarton on Friday night. I got on the cheap elliptical they have now and turned the resistance down to near zero and did that for fifteen minutes. Then I stretched, that seemed like a mistake at first and I was really feeling the stretch more than I had expected when I was done. I made my way back to the elliptical and started to work that again, eventually things sorted themselves out. I was due to do a military bench contest so I knocked out a couple token lifts and called it a day.

Saturday was nothing, well nothing other than me being excited because I felt pretty good, which is something. It was also me trying to not repeat whatever I did last weekend that took me so many steps backwards. I had told my co-workers that I planned to be at work like normal next week provided “I don’t do something stupid like last week.” They asked what they could do to prevent that and I replied “I think it’s a terminal condition with me.”

Today I lazed about a bit more, it’s mostly what I do these days. I was able to make and eat breakfast like a normal Sunday (pancakes at the table) so that is good. I also was able to put together a piece of Ikea furniture although it was at half speed and with a constant mind to, am I going to regret this tomorrow. Then I headed to the local gym and got me a membership. The gym I went to is the Express one that I talked about Laura joining a while back, it is all cardio with some token, rubberized dumbbells on one side. I had considered joining then but chose not to. I decided with this injury, it’s still going to be a bit before i can lift like I’m serious still but I need to do something. I also think this gym could be a valuable recovery tool, Stephen has had it right all along and I’ve tried and failed to follow along, I need to do better in future. That’s how I avoid this stupid crap.

So, I have a new home of chrome and ferns, and yes, they have fake ferns. The chrome is out in favor of gun metal grey paint these days though. I headed over and did my paperwork and then went straight to the elliptical. These are fannnnncy, they each have there own TV with remote and I could plug my headphones into the remote and watch Jerry Springing, Ren & Stimpy, David Letterman or whatever is on, in stereo. I turned mine off. Ellipticals are good for that kind of gadgetry, you can’t get hurt very easily on them and you can’t go all out very easy on them, they seem perfectly designed for a low to moderate pace, which is why they are my rehab weapon of choice. After I get back to normal, I’ll work back in some rowing, biking and running but I’ll still keep the elliptical in the catalog for recovery days, especially after especially hard sessions.

This week looks promising, I’m feeling decent, I have a date to the gym on Monday at least and we’ll make some other days too. I have PT on Monday and am looking forward to a repeat of Thursday. I’m also scheduled for Thursday but will have to see if I can move it to Wednesday. I have to be in good shape this week, we get a new manager and i have to show him the ropes on Thursday and Friday all day, I can hardly be ducking out an hour early because it hurts or taking a 30 minute walk to wait for my ibuprofen to set in.