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Pain, no gain

Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on April 23, 2008

Things get better before they get worse. I’ve been home all week. I endured some lovely muscle spasms that reminded me that I’m a big baby when it comes to pain. Fortunately, I am able to work from home, in fact, I get more done. So injury has boosted productivity.

The reason the muscle shortened so bad is not fully known and since this PT did not see me when I was initially injured, she doesn’t want to guess. My assumption is that this muscle started to compensate for the originally damaged muscle. The other issue seems to be nerve inflammation. As this muscle got tight and applied pressure to the nerve, i did nothing about it, i just went on figuring it would sort itself out. I worked myself into this situation.

No training at all this week, just PT. I’m going to have to drop out of june strongman, I don’t feel like putting myself up against those loads with any uncertainty in my mind.

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  1. Scott Styles said,

    Hope you feel better Mike.

    Instead of going to the June strongman, you could attend the grip contest at Larkin’s Gym in Michigan. It’s a great group of guys and you’d still have something to train for:

    I am sure you could participate even if your hip is still a little gimped up. The heaviest lift is the 2″ V-bar, which I’d guess would top out for you around 200lbs. Of course, what you did with Larkin’s toys post contest would be up to how you felt.

  2. gene said,

    What are you doing to address the inflammation? Medications? Physical therapy? Rest? Time will heal?

  3. Mike said,

    It’s a good thought but I don’t think I’m going to russle up that trip that quickly. A few years, when I’m back west, I’ll join you for one of those.

    I’m working from home which allows me to not aggravate it further. I’m taking iburofen four times a day. Today was the first morning that I actually slept past my early morning med time, a good thing because I wasn’t awake an hour before because of discomfort. I’m doing physical therapy sessions twice a week which include ultrasound and manual massage of the muscle, these always make it feel very relieved and some stim treatment (electrodes on the skin). Last I have my prescribed stretches I do twice a day, those make it ache pretty bad, even when I don’t push the stretch, so I time it out to be right after I have taken a dose of ibuprofen, this means I’m only sore for about an hour, until the meds take over.
    I finally started walking with Laura, when she is walking the dog, yesterday. The mile and a half we went was probably a bit much but not too bad. This morning I walked the dog myself for the first time in a couple weeks. It was only a half mile but I’ll take the progress.

  4. Chris Rice said,

    Get well soon buddy!

  5. Scott Styles said,

    Ah, too bad. If you change your mind, even at the last minute, let me know. Rachel is staying home this year. Three Rivers doesn’t have a Hyatt, but the Super 8 is darn nice.

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