Anvil or Hammer

Missed 500

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on April 12, 2008

Well blast, I went into the gym thinking I was finally ready to pull 500 again, no go. I broke it off the floor a couple times but it only moved inches. Ah well, these are the things that keep us going.

Jump Rope 3:00
135 X 2
225 X 2
315 X 2
405 X 2
500 X 0/4
As I said before I felt like I was good for it. Even as I missed my attempts, I knew it was there, they was just something I wasn’t doing, some muscle I wasn’t calling on, something. But it would not be. I think I will work some rack pulls next week from a couple different heights.

Jump Rope 3:00
I enjoy this to reset the body. I also got to wondering if this had contributed to my conditioning from the snatches. I did go about 3 or 4 minutes before I went anaerobic, it seems like a lot of a coincidence that is how long I have been jumping for. There is a lot of practice involved in jumping and I need to get out the awesome jump rope DVD my brother-in-law got me and look at those drills again. I also need to get me a decent rope.

Standing Press
60K X 2
80K X 5, 3, 1

Pull ups
BW X 5, 3,2

I did a bit of messing about here, some situps and jump rope but nothing that was counted or timed. I was just trying to keep myself busy while finding the motivation and direction I needed to go on.

Circuit – as with before, the exercises are a circuit but I give myself ample time between sets
70lbs 4 X 8 DB PRess, DB Row, DB Jerk, DB Dead
I did only make 6 on my last set of jerks. Dumbell Jerking a pair of 70s is harder than I expected.
I think I need to start giving myself a rest limitation to make improvement based on these but they are a nice quick piece to the workout.

DB Static Lunge
70lbs 3 X 6/6 (only got 5 in the last set on the right side: 3 then 2)

Standing Leg Curl
70lbs (no relation 🙂 4 X 6/6

BW 20, 15, 10, 5

Not a bad workout in all, although the deadlift was annoying. I’ll try again in two weeks. I feel like I need something better than 550 this year, especially if I intend to hit my 1380 (1400) goal. It’s look something like (Squat: 500, Bench: 350, Dead: 550). It’s gonna be a tough road but it seems doable to me. I need to get the last of this hip thing worked out and keep plugging the powerlifting with a little kettlebell, sandbag and other mixed in for variety and sanity.