Anvil or Hammer

You ask

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on April 9, 2008

I deliver

24K Kettlebell Snatch
10:00 155 reps

Each time you see the word down, it means I set the bell down. You can’t do that in a real SSST. I made it to 100, 120 was probably as far as I could go without setting it down. From a competition snatch test, you only change hands once, so I would have gotten 50, I imagine could go to 60 or 75 total, if I had to. No where near even the lowest AKC ranking standard. Someday though.

Still not bad considering my last kettlebell snatch was February 6th. October 30th appears to have been my last snatch test attempt, the kind with no set downs and it was pathetic. October 22nd appears to have been my last “serious” attempt and I only got 159. That’s surprising. Dang, I could have pushed to 160, shoulda, woulda, coulda, I did pretty decent in my book.

The biggest surprise for me this summer is how much my grip strength has come up. I have no idea why. I did diddly over the winter, that’s gonna take some figuring. Anyway, this test was another example to me of this. I’m happy about that too.

Last, I recorded the whole thing. I haven’t decided if I care to upload it. If you care to see it let me know… I probably will anyway.

Oh, really last, that’s all I did, there isn’t much left in the tank after that.

EDIT: Video