Anvil or Hammer


Posted in Cardio,Concept II,Kettlebells by Mike on April 7, 2008

This one went quickly
Concept II 50%
1,000 meters warmup
5,000 meters 20:09
I wanted 20:00 but just could not make it. Something to work on. I felt like I had trouble hitting a good breathing rhythm. I think that could make the difference.

I made up a ladder thingie for today. This is jerks with a bell in each arm.
16K X 20, 24K X 15, 32K X 5
16K X 15, 24K X 10, 32K X 5
16K X 10, 24K X 5, 32K X 5
I have video of this but can’t upload it at the moment. I dunno, I’ll probably just keep it in my pile of bulk footage for later. As proof that I am doing these very wrong my anterior delts are smoked, my triceps and quads are not.

That was it. I was done.

Monday Morning Weigh-in: 235.2

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight by Mike on April 7, 2008

That’s what I get for going out to eat three times this weekend, very rare for me. It was darn good though :-).

Back to work, this week is a back off week on the max effort, I think I’ll do a mess of kettlebells instead.

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