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Three Billy Goats Gruff

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on April 5, 2008

Another evening at Dumbarton

Jump Rope 3:00 X 2
With some movement in between

Trap Bar Deadlift
130,  220,  310, 400, 450, 490, 540, 580
490 3 x 3
I weighed the bar with collars when I was done and it was 40lbs. So that is why the weights might look kinda silly. Each weight was one or two pulls depending on how I felt. Then just hold it for a couple seconds at the top and down. The 580 was good. I went for it a second time but it was a no go. I need to probably pull 630 for 3 or so before June. We’ll see.

2″ Dumbbell Deadlift
50, 100, 120
I should have weighed my DB handle but I didn’t. I got the 120 with both hands but after about two reps on the left hand I couldn’t do that anymore.

135 X 3
185 X 3
225 X 3
275 X 2
315 X 2

Jump Rope 3:00

That was about an hour or more of work. At this point I got real chatty and blew probably a full 30 minutes. This is what happens when my MP3 player batteries are dead. Although I did get to catch up with a guy I hadn’t seen in there for quite a while, a guy who is going through some nasty injuries. So hopefully it was helpful for him to get to tell his story. I feel for him.

With 30 minutes to go I started a circuit. I allowed myself ample time between rounds to chat, breath, rest, whatever. Once I started a round I went straight through. I did the same number of reps with the same dumbell in a give round. So hopefully this makes sense.
Exercises: Hang Clean and Jerk, Bench Press, Deadlift, Row
40lbs X 15
50lbs X 10
60lbs X 5
50lbs X 5
40lbs X 5

As I got ready to leave I shot some video of “Charles the Elder”, a lifter who comes in with his son, they are both Charles, doing a trapbar pull. Hopefully he received the email ok. As I drove off, I realized I should have gotten some of his son too. I’d make a video called “The three billy goats gruff” :-).

Oh and welcome to the Charles’s to the website.

Charles the Elder may do the December Virtual Meet with me, which would be awesome.


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  1. Scott Styles said,

    You are taunting me with that trap bar. Mine is supposed to arrive Monday. Good lifting.

  2. Mike said,

    haha, I look forward to hearing how it works out.

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