Anvil or Hammer


Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on April 3, 2008

I headed to Dumbarton for a third workout in a row. I’m starting to feel some aches and pains from all the heavy lifting I have been doing. Next week I think I’ll hit UB twice and make a point of rowing, maybe some boxing and maybe some kettlebell. I need to back off the heavy weights for a week or so without slacking too much.

80 X 5
90 X 5
100 X 0
80 X 5
90 X 5
100 X 0
These were about as frustrating as the come. I was trying to think about Chris’s suggestios and use those to keep the bar in close. For the 80 and 90 kilo pulls, I could power clean ok but was coming up just a hair short. I wanted to do some squat cleans. It seemed like everything I pulled below 100 was flying up and about hitting me in the face. I tried to pull a little less but that wasn’t happening. So I threw on some more weight. The height was fine and I think the path was better. I seemed to be rolling forward just out of habit more than anything. I decided I was tired and just to let it go for a week. Cleans seem to take a pretty heavy toll on my body, I don’t know how you Oly guys do it.

80K X 3
JustĀ  alot of joint soreness. This is when I decided to back off next week.

Box Squats
135 X 5
185 X 4
225 X 3
275 X 2
315 4 X 1
I’ve never really done much with box squats so this was as much experimentation as anything. It’s basically a variation on a bottom position squat. It seems to go a little quicker and more comfortably than the bottom position squats I have done. Heavy BPSs have always seen a little sketchy from the start, these gave me, what I felt was, a safer and better starting position.

Dumbell Press
95lbs 3 X 5

Dumberll Row
95lbs 3 X 5
I don’t know of anyone with bells over 95lbs. I guess rows and flat presses are going to have to leave dumbells behind for me.

Throw in about three rounds of jumping rope and you have my workout. It wasn’t the best, it wasn’t the worst. I think a lighter week will do my joints some good.