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Plan B

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on March 31, 2008

I was off to the gym today but no class afterward. It worked out well. I pulled up to UB there were no parking spaces. Considering my options, I decided to go to Dumbarton instead.

40K X 5
60K X 5
80K X 4
90 K X 3
95 K X 2
100K  X 0/3
105K X 1/2
110K X 1/2
115K X 0/2
100K X 1
These went well, as you can see. I still have mountains of work to do on catching the bar. The pull doesn’t seem to be an issue. I can still tap my chest with 115, i just can’t catch it. Even my successful catches have issues. I really catch out in front of my body and have roll to my toes, bring my body to the bar, to complete the lift.

80K X 3

My sciatic nerve was really bothering me and I was totally failing to focus.

135 X 5
225 X 5
275 2 X 8
Because squats always make my hips feel better.

Bottom Position Quarter Squats (bar at the bottom of the chest)
405 X 5
495 X 4
545 X 3
585 X 2
I wanted to play with some real weight so I worded on these. It went well.

Pull Ups
5, 3, 1
3 x 5
These were just the wrap up,  not nearly enough effort made here.

In other news, both Chris and Scott S have started doing 10 minutes Snatch tests. Good luck guys.

I guess it’s time I got back to humiliating myself in that way too :-).

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  1. Chris Rice said,

    It sounds as if you’re pulling the bar too far out in front and having to chase it. If you concentrate on finishing the pull with your traps and bringing your elbows out to the side as they bend instead of anything resembling a reverse curl – this might bring the bar in tighter and make the catch easier – work it on the lighter sets and see if it helps.

  2. Chris Rice said,

    You say you can still tap your chest with 115 – the question is – are you pulling the bar to your chest or your chest to the bar? There’s a big difference in the location of the bar path possible. Cleans are hard – and I find power cleans harder than squat clean due to how high you have to pull it. It’s very hard not to arm pull when you are pulling so high. A long time back we talked a bit about how the pull should not change between a proper squat clean pull and a proper power clean pull. Do squat cleans for a couple workouts and then pull the same way when you go back to the power version and see if you really are pulling the same way or doing something a little different.

  3. Mike said,

    In the case of hitting my chest at 115, I’ve done it both ways. I’ve gone to the bar, but there are times where it could be a good catch, I just can’t move under it fast enough. I’ll work with the way I organize my arms a bit on the pull. I have been bending the arms out and away.

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