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Clean Up

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on March 26, 2008

Off to Dumbarton today, a great chance to hit some oly lifts.

40K X 5
60K X 5
80K X 4
100K X 3
110K X 0/2
These went pretty well, all things considered. I hit 100K several times. At the same time, I was not able to hit 110 like I would have liked. I bet I can real soon though. I shot video of a bunch of them. I think I have the usual tightness problem getting into the starting position as I am really high. I know my left glute got real tight with this injury and I’m still working that out. Hopefully I will loosen up a bit as that works out.

Front Squat
60K X 5
100K 5 X 5
Heavier than I expected to go, mark that as a good one.

Standing Press
60K X 5
80K 5 X 1
No bounce, knee bend or anything. I felt like I could do singles all day but I just could not manage a double.

Chin Ups 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Jump Rope 3:00
because I like this.

A good workout. I’m happy. Now I need to clean up these calluses I have ripped off.

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  1. Chris Rice said,

    Early arm bend on some of them absorbed a lot of your force but the biggest problem is you’re not getting your elbows around which has you catching the bar on your arms at times instead of the shoulders and takes up a lot of time. You do better when you are squat cleaning – you finish the pull better and meet the bar better. Overall not that terrible – I’d suggest more reps around 80 K or so and work on getting the elbows around and keeping the bar close at the top of the pull. It’s much better than a year or so ago – really.

  2. Mike said,

    Thanks for taking a look. I can totally see what you mean about the arm bend as I rewatch it. It has been a problem in the past and I totally forgot about it. The elbow speed thing has always been a problem. I assume it comes form not being quick as well as a willingness to muscle it into place but it limits my abilities more than I know, I’m sure.
    I should have mentioned the squat cleans in my post. Those are the two best squat cleans I have ever had. I’ve never been able to squat clean that kind of weight. I moved my feet out about an inch to either side and it seems to have made all the difference in the world.
    Thanks again, I’ll work with the 80K some more and work on those two things.

  3. brent said,


    everything honestly looks great until you get to 100k and then you start pulling with your arms way too much

    did you take a warm-up at 90 in between 80 and 100? if you didn’t, that’s what i’d strongly recommend. a 20k jump is huge, so you might be having trouble trusting the technique. i bet if you went 80 –> then take some warm-ups at 90 –> 95 –> and THEN take 100, you’ll feel a lot more confident in the technique and that’ll make all the difference.

    you know the technique and you perform it well, you’re just not applying it at 100k

    i wish we could train together, you’re doing a lot of things right at 80k and i think with someone just “reminding” you to do those things at 100 and 110, you’d be hitting those weights really easy

    i also agree with Chris about getting your elbows around the bar. a lot of it stems from pulling with your arms too much, so drill drill drill at a moderately heavy but comfortable weight and think about fast elbows

    related to that, it looks like on some of the lifts you’re holding the bar completely in your hands for a few seconds before you actually rack it – is this what’s happening? if it is, try opening your hands so that just your fingers are under the bar when you rack it, this makes getting your elbows around a lot easier if flexibility is what’s holding you back. i don’t keep a complete grip on the bar when i rack it. you can always adjust your grip on the bar for the jerk after you’re standing

  4. Mike said,

    Thanks for taking a look Brent. At least everyone agrees on where my problems lie, as opposed to them being so diverse that no one can identify the most important ones.
    I did jump for 80 to 100K, that’s pretty normal for me. I’ll give some intermediate pulls a try and see if it helps.
    You are also correct about catching the bar with my arms. On the power cleans, I am catching almost exclusively with my arms, oddly I don’t with the lower weights. That must be part of what you were talking about when you said my form was breaking down at the higher weights. On the second 100K one that I make, you can actually see me muscle the rack, my left hand was way away from my body and I had to bring it in.

    The elbows have always been a problem but I’ll work with the 90Ks next week and see what I can do.

    Thanks for taking a look. If I don’t video next week, I will in a couple weeks, just for comparison.

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