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Don’t call it a comeback

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on March 22, 2008

Dont call it a comeback
I been here for years
Rockin my peers and puttin suckas in fear
Makin the tears rain down like a monsoon
Listen to the bass go boom

-LL Cool J

This was a strong workout for me. I feel like I’m at a place that is better then when I started my lull this fall. It makes me very happy.

Jump rope 3 minutes

Deadlift 70 K X 5

Jump Rope 3 minutes

120K X 5
170K X 5
220K X 0, 1, 0, 1
I really had no business playing with 220. I said I was going to go to 450lbs ( 15 kilos less than this). I wasn’t really paying attention, just having fun loading those pretty red plates on there. Both misses where hovering off the ground, it was really just a decision to keep on pulling or not. I chose yes twice and no twice. The last one, I almost taped it and should have, was the longest deadlift I have ever performed. I had to exhale twice during the pull, it felt like forever but was at least 6 seconds. Exhaling during a deadlift is not something you really want to do, you lose a lot of stability that your muscles now have to make up for. It also sounds like you are being painfully ripped in half, because it is a lot of air under pressure, all trying to leave your body at once and it runs past the vocal cords in the process. I should also mention that the final pull would probably not pass in any know powerlifting federation. I stopped mid-pull twice, I’m sure it even lowered a hair and I know I was hitching at the end. None the less, awesome.

High Pull
100K X 5
120K 5 X 1, 5 X 1, 5 X 1
I have never done these. I think it will be good for me. I think I was screwing up a bit two though, I was kind of pulling (maybe even a triple extension) than bending over at the waste, kind of a recoil from all the backward pulling I think. I assume this is a bad thing. I’ll have to YouTube high pulls or something.

100K 5 X 1, 5 X 1, 5 X 1
Yes, I am :-).I jerk better from a narrower stance.

Seated Row (hands at shoulder’s width)
80lbs X 5
120 X 5
150 3 X 5

Pull Ups
5, 4, 2
Kind of supersetted with the above, kind of not. Hitting 5 was great, I was thinking I would do a ladder 5->1 but couldn’t hit 3. So I took the victory of hitting 5 and walked away.

Jump Rope 2:30

Hyper Extension 25lbs 3 X 15
Inclined Situps 25lbs 3 X 15

Dumbbell Press 80lbs 3 X 8
Now I was running out of gas. Long breaks between,90 minutes (approximtely)had passed with 30 to go.
Pushups 3 X 20
Reverse Pushups 3 X 10
Supersetted. I’m sure there is another name for the revers pull up but I don’t know it. It’s where you hang a bar at waist height, hang from it and do a kind of pullup from an upside down pull up position.

Dips 3 X 3
Just killing time.

It was a good workout and I’m not as sore today as I expected, we’ll see how tomorrow goes. }:-)

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  1. Scott said,

    Nice one Mike. Great to see the passion back.

  2. brent said,

    for what it’s worth – i don’t think high pulls are a good movement… once you start pulling constant force with the feet planted, it kills the explosive nature of the snatch and clean pull, plus doing them too often might develop bad habits as far as pulling too long on the bar. not that i’m an expert or anything but i’d stick with “low” pulls or even just deadlifts

    but here are some good vids of high pulls … Szymon Kolecki does the traditional style high pull in this one with crazy good form (can’t find it at the moment, at work, will link later), and then this is James Moser performing the Bulgarian style high pull, which Ilike better because there’s a rapid reversal of direction after the pull

    but i think "low" pulls can be just as if not more effective when you adhere to the right positions and focus on speed in the second pull. and if you’re more concerned with overload and learning to produce force, deadlifts probably have a much greater training effect

    this is purely from a weightlifting pov, though, high pulls might have much better benefits for someone strongman-oriented

  3. Scott Styles said,

    Nice job getting 220k. Based on your description, I’m not sure I’d want to watch a video of that second single. Yikes!

    I’ve heard the reverse push up referred to as body rows, supine rows, inverted rows, and fat man pull ups.

  4. brent said,

    here’s that video of Kolecki – starting at 7:10ish. not what some folks might consider a “high” pull but that is very clearly arm-pulling, elbows out and directly above the bar

    the high pulls to the upper chest area seem like a really violent upright row, i dunno if you agree with the negative image of that movement. i think they’re really old school, no one around here uses them and from what i’ve seen his lifters do, Oleg Kechko in Austin prefers the non-arm-bending pulls with his lifters

    but then i bet you could find quite a few good lifters who do use high pulls periodically in their training, and there are at least some national teams which use them in training

    if you do use them, i think one of the best ways to use them is to combine them with some form of the “complete” movement involving both the pull and receiving the bar which is a drill that some of the guys with Oleg do … i met this guy at the state meet, i don’t think he’s been training seriously for much longer than a year, and he snatched 96 and jerked 125 at 85.

    one of the problems, at least that i have, with using pulls, is that i either forget about the speed or the form required in the movement; so i either pull methodically, and move too slow when i switch to the full movement, or i pull hard, but my positions are wrong in the full movement. drilling both in set fixes a lot of that

  5. Mike said,

    Scott B,
    Glad to be back.

    Scott S,
    I’m sure I’m exaggerating a bit. It probably looks more like those idiot meatheads at the gym that seem to be screaming just to scream, only said meathead was me. 🙂 ah well.

    It does count for something and yeah a violent upright row is probably a good description. I was not pulling that high but the idea is the same. So, what is a low pull? Is it what the guy was doing in the 7:10 video where he only pulled to his waist? If that’s the case, then just attempting faster deadlifts is essentially the same thing. Doing a ton of cleans has not worked for me in the past. I’m looking for something where I can overload parts of the movement and then work them in together with a more manageable weight.
    Perhaps I’ll video some cleans and you can tell me what is the worst of my sins.

  6. brent said,

    a “low” pull is just how i differentiate between a high pull and a regular snatch or clean pull – basically just extending and shrugging, without pulling with the arms

    you probably already know this but a clean pull shouldn’t just be a deadlift with a shrug, it should literally be the pulling movement of a clean. chest over the bar throughout the movement, double knee bend, then explode. so you can clean pull more than you clean, but not clean pull as much as you deadlift because you can’t maintain the appropriate positions and speed if the weight’s too heavy

    just my opinion, but for overloading with the purpose of getting a stronger clean, heavy deadlifts are good, but clean pulls are more effective because you should be developing technique and position at the same time that you’re overloading the movement

  7. Mike said,

    That makes sense. I do a lot of double overhand deadlifting but I don’t think about my position all that much. I’ll have to make sure I do more of that. I’m sure I’m behind the bar more often than I am over the bar.

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