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pleasant disappointment

Posted in Dinsoaur Style,Gym Strength by Mike on March 19, 2008

I didn’t go to the gym tonight, I had my reasons and one them was a 2″ axel clean and jerk in June that I just signed up for. 230lbs on an axle. I think I’ll be ready for230 more than or 2″. So I thought I’d work on it.

Warmup 24K kettlebell 5/5 X 4

2″ Dumbbell C&J 50lbs 5 X 5/5
This did not go as expected at all. It was way too easy on both the back and hands. If there is such a thing a “pleasant disappointment” this is it. So I made some changes on the next exercise.

Double 2″ Dumbbell deadlift 60lb 5 X 10/10
This was planned to be a one handed deadlift for low reps with 65lbs but the last exercise left me feeling stronger than expected. The 10/10 above though could be viewed as misleading. The first set was the only one where I didn’t have to shake my hands out at least once, usually twice.

Outer Limit Loops 5lbs 6/6, 7/7, 8/8
In an effort to achieve some balance in the beating I was laying on my hands, I broke out my Iron mind Outer Limit Loops. The first set was all about the learning curve.  I wanted to go on up to ten but the outside of my left hand started to hurt and swell. I went and washed my hands for a few minutes in cold water and it went away. I decided that was it.

The workout ended up being easier than I expected but it went well. I’ll have to figure out how to make it a more regular part of my goings on. The best news for tonight was no On Call phone calls. I wonder how my coworkers will feel if I give them back the On Call phone with chalk worked into all the little crevasses.

Tonight, I think I will finish the leisure reading book, Making Money (thanks Karianne) I have been working on since the end of Good Calories,  Bad Calories , and start The New Rule of Strength Training.

Oh, and Scott was bragging up his nerdiness on his blog (and I was duly impressed) so let me announce that this is being written from the brand new Linux partition of my laptop. 🙂 I’m not as cool as Scott but I’m working on it. And for those folks who may not have understood what I just said, you’re better off for it.


Posted in Cardio,Gym Strength by Mike on March 19, 2008

This is the most “normal” workout I’ll see for a week, probably. I was under time contraints so it didn’t last long but I’m on call the rest of the week so it is incredibly likely that all remaining workouts will be interrupted for phone calls. Also, Wednesday’s workout will be very late for me.

Concept II 50%
1,000 meters Warmup 2:15
1,000 meters Sprint 1:50
500 meters cooldown
The 1,000 meters was incredibly hard and I really didn’t think I could finish it several times.

Front Squat 135
Jerk 185
Fairly constant rotation between the two, very little rest
Ladder 10 -> 1
This was pretty hard although, below 5 it seemed to get easier. I think going up instead of down would make it more difficult. I got this part done in about 17 minutes.

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Monday Morning Weigh in: 235.6

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight by Mike on March 19, 2008

Down some but not quite as much as I expect. None the less, I’m working hard on a sub 230 in the next 60 days.

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