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Spring Forward

Posted in Cardio,Concept II,Gym Strength by Mike on March 10, 2008

Concept II 50%
5,000 metersĀ  21:15

Sumo Deadlift
135 X 5
185 X 5
225 X 5
275 5 X 5
This last set was literally a set of singles primarily because of grip.
Hip Sled Calf Raises
405 X 20
495 3 X 20

Low Incline DB Press
60 X 5
75 5 X 5

60 X 5
75 5 X 8

BB Curl
95lbs 6, 6
French Press
95lbs 6, 6

As I was finishing the curls, I was astounded at how much time I had. Then I started to do the math. Rowing, about 3:25, that means lifting starts close to 4PM. How is is 3:35 then. Crap! They didn’t set their clocks forward. That’s what I get for leaving my watch in the locker room.

Skipped the show and now I await the arrival of my professor.

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Clear Head

Posted in Goals by Mike on March 10, 2008

So, I had delay, postponed and outright ignored my goal setting this year. I just wasn’t in a frame of mind that was conducive to it. I blew right past Groundhog’s Day for round one. March 3rd, I actually thought about it a bit but passed on by. I often say that you don’t need a holiday to make changes, so here we go.

1. Get back on diet. I’ve started this one, just keep going
1a. get below 230
1b. dunno, I feel like I should have something more, I just feel like holding a weight below 230 though

2. Squat
2a. 405 X 5
2b. 450 X 3
2c. 500+ X 1

3. Pull – maintain 500+ deadlift

4 Press
4a. 300+ Bench
4b. 250+ Standing Press (Goals 6 and 7)

As you can see I’m going into one of those periods where I hit the powerlifting stuff again. Why, I can’t say. I just feel the compulsion and figure, why fight it. As spring rolls in, I suspect I’ll get the outdoor training itch back but right now, I feel like picking up something very heavy. You might be wondering where all the kettlebells and rowing is, well it’s there. For the time being, I’m going to relegate kettlebells to a between workouts activity. Rowing will occur once, maybe twice a week.

I realize this doesn’t follow my goal setting technique I was trying out last fall but that is intentional. That technique was just too scattered for even my ADD. Besides, sometimes you just get in a mood. I don’t fell like I have to complete everything above to get some new goals, these are just where I am pointed. I would like to be able to hit all of them in December, in one go… moment….

December 5-7th, 2008: Powerlifting
That’s the ticket.

I want to compete in the December 5-7 Virtual Powerlifting Meet at a bodyweight lower than 230 and have a bench greater than 300, a squat greater than 500 and a deadlift greater than 500, meaning a 1300+ total. Let’s go for a 6 X bodyweight total of 1380. Raw mind you.

Goal 52 is 1500 pound powerlifting total, I’m not going to make that a goal for this year but this year aught to put me a lot closer to that.


Monday Morning Weigh in: 238.6

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight by Mike on March 10, 2008

Purely academic. Next week will be more meaningful. I have my food prepped and here I go.

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