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Posted in Kettlebells by Mike on February 10, 2008

Sometimes I have to beg, borrow and steal to find my inspiration. This one goes out to Steve. I took his  02/06/08 workout and perverted it. So I offer my apologize and thanks to him.

Turkish Getup X 5/5 24K Kb
Crunch X 25 24K Kb
Leg Scissor X 50
Floor Press X 15/15 24K Kb
Burpees 10 (the jump portion at the end of each rep gives out at 10)
Kettlebell Row X 15/15 24K Kb

Took, maybe ten minutes but it was some nice work for a Sunday afternoon. It was all about the movement and a little bit of exertion and sweat. It also helped me really feel out that little injury I have left. It’s some kind of muscle that attaches to the anterior portion of the hips and pulls on the legs, Sartorious maybe. It attaches pretty close to the spine and aches any time I try to pull my left leg forward (knee locked) against resistance, that complies with my general theory (that I tried to address with that PT but he blew me off) that some muscles in my abdomen where tightening and it was going to be an issue.  This also falls into one of my complaints about yoga and one I have heard from Scott Styles as well. They spend a whole lot of time doubled over and very little time working the opposite direction.

The good news is that my program I made up that begs borrows and steals from places including yoga accentuates this need. I started it too late to avoid this particular injury but it should help mitigate these in the future. I think that once I get all healed up from my variety of back boo boos from immediately before and after the break, I’m going to have a great year.

I’m feeling very good coming out of this one.


Mental fortitude = stupid?

Posted in Gym Strength,Rant by Mike on February 8, 2008

Another lovely day at Dumbarton. I was feeling fresh as well as groovy. I still had a tinge of tightness for last weeks fun and games but nothing serious. I decided to play it smart but not too smart.

Jump Rope 3 min (rapidly becoming my favorite exercise of the month)

Front squat
X5 20K,40K, 50K, 60K. 70K
X3 80K, 90K
5X1 100K

30 minutes had passed, yes I took a full 30 minutes to do that, it was intentional.

Jump Rope 3 min

Military Bench (I had actually planned on the regular bench but I could tell my bench was going to be dramatically effected by my tightness of back
X5 45 lb, 95, 135, 185
X3 225lb
X1 275

Heavy Bag 1min on, 1min off X 2

1 hour had passed (still intentional)

Now we do some work
Circuit X 3
80lb Dumbell Deadlifts (pick up to standing, back to floor, drop, stand up, that’s one) x 12
40lb One legged dumbell deadlift (identical to the the kettlebell exercise) X 8
40lb Dumbell Thruster (front squat, jerk, that’s one) X 8

That was challenging and took about 15 minutes, I allowed ample rest between rounds of the circuit.

I was trying to think up a new circuit but was having trouble on the account of my body asking for clemency when some folks I knew walked in. a guy, his boy (both of them named Charles) and his daughter. Boy is 15ish and wants to just play video games so dad makes him come workout. Daughter is about 11 and wants to hang out with daddy but he’s worried about her overdoing it and messing herself up. Of course, he wants her to do bodyweight type stuff and she wants to go heavy like dad.

So I showed the kids my kettlebells that I had brought for just this occasion. They didn’t give a crap. No problem, on with the show. Girl is dogging it ’cause, well let’s face it, if all you get to do is push ups, you;d be bored too. To her credit, dad talked her into do “boy pushups” and despite a considerable sag in her body position, she was trying. So, to get her doing something I hit the Front Leaning Rest (push up position) and invite her to join me.

Dad tells her that if she can outlast me they’ll go buy her a video game she has been begging for, right this second. Thanks. So now I can’t lose. 20 seconds in I’m shaking and quaking. She, on the other hand, has her elbows hyper-extended in a way that makes me want to tell her to stop for her own sake. I continue to work the front leaning rest for what feels like an eternity but is probably more like two minutes before she starts to complain that it hurts. Indeed it does, but I can’t say that, so I smile. We go on for a minute more with her complaining and my brain screaming “Then quit!Please quit! I can’t quit.” Finally I beat her. It was probably 3 minutes. Yes, she was an 11 year old girl, she weighed in well under 100 lbs and yes, I’m glad I beat and 11 year old girl at a contest of strength. It sure would have been embarrassing to end this story the other way around.

Now, about mental fortitude. Big Rick was in on Friday as well. Big Rick is the quintessential middle aged, ex-has-been-never-was powerlifter, except he’s not fat but the rest is all there. He told me I missed a good time the night before that they were doing crazy stuff. So I ask for details. He mentions one armed deadlift, cool, I do that. Then he mentions this push up contest they had. It requires two broomsticks (I invite anyone, bone headed enough, to try this at their own risk, don’t blame me).

Lay one broomstick on the ground in front of you, about where you hands go if you are going to do a pushup on it. Take the second broomstick in both hands. grasping the one broomstick, place your the back of your fingers (between the first and second knuckles) on the broomstick on the ground. So, basically, your finger are sandwiched between the two sticks. Now do a push up. Well, Rick misread the look on my face and said “No, really it’s hard.” I replied “I have no doubt it’s hard, more than hard, it sounds like it would hurt.”.

“Oh, yeah, that’s what makes it hard.”

“No, that’s what makes it stupid. It’s that kind of dumb crap that gets stupid people hurt!”

“No, it’s mental fortitude.”

“Look, mental fortitude is about doing something you have to do or that has some kind of benefit but sucks to do. What you are doing is just retarded.”

Rick proceeded to insist on showing me how the exercise is performed, but immediately started to complain about the pain because he ruptured blood vessels in his fingers yesterday doing it. That is S-T-U-P-I-D. This exercise is no better than dropping a brick on your foot until it doesn’t hurt. Doing so will not help anyone and only invites injury.

End of rant.

**Author’s note, I am back dating this post two days to coincide with the events it describes.


Posted in Kettlebells by Mike on February 6, 2008

24K kettlebell
Snatch – 25/25, 15/15, 10/10
C&J – 5 X 10/10

This probably took me about 30 minutes. I gave myself plenty of time to recover. This was more about getting it all done than it was about doing it fast. I was also using this workout to try and feel out that slightly dodgie left glute I have going on.

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Rehab Cardio

Posted in Cardio,Concept II by Mike on February 4, 2008

24K kettlelbell 2 hand swing 50, 50, 30, 20
I was surprised how quickly my forearms were totally blown out. I’ll have to do more of these.

Concept II 30:00 6800 meters
I was keeping it slow, more rehab than anything.
Jog 1.5 miles

My little back tweak from Friday cleared up nicely by Saturday. It left me with a waaaaay over stretched feeling in my glute but it feels more about my hamstring. Sit at a chair, now extend your left leg until your knee is locked. I can’t quite do that because it stretches and pulls way up into my glute when I do. It’s weird. It should be better in a day or two.

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Monday Morning Weigh in: 236.2

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight by Mike on February 4, 2008

Not terribly Surprising, remember I gained 5lbs of water weight last year for the big bowl. My eating was slightly more disciplined this time so, less water weight. I’m up a couple pounds but no worries.

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Quiet on the set

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on February 2, 2008

The gym was dead last night, really dead. For 45 minutes I had it all to myself. So I recorded a bunch of footage. I’ll do something with it. I don’t know exactly what yet. I was thinking too about the idea of having anyone who is interested send me bits of video and trying to splice it together just for the heck of it. Gimme a shout if you’re interested. It’s still just a whisper of a thought for the moment though.

2 X 3:00 jump rope with some stretching in between

70K X 5 DO
100K X 5 DO
120K X 5 DO
150K X 3 Mixed
200K X 2 Mixed

I wanted to go on to 220 and actually 225K. I felt good, I felt like I had it easy but I felt just a bit of a twinge where I injured myself pulling with Dan. I decided that a wise man would stop here and come back for it another day. For once, I was that wise man.

Today I’m feeling just a bit of it back there. I’m gonna try to hit some high volume, low weight kettlebell swings later and see if I can’t sort that out.

Situps + 10 lbs (behind head) 2 X 20

1 minute of the heavy bag

Seated Row 130 3 X 12
Dumbbell Press 65lbs 12, 12, 8, 4

1 hour had passed

Jump rope 1:30
Heavy bag 1 minute

Curl 95lbs 4 X 6
Dip BW 4 X 6

Jump Rope – I tired but something about one of those two previous lifts really aggravated that back issue. So I didn’t push it.

Leg Extension 110 4 X 10
Leg Curl 70 2X 10/10

Jump rope 3:00 (back felt much better)

Wrist curl 95lbs 3 X 10
Wrist Ext 45lbs 3 X 10

A good workout. I took my time, made some good decisions, and I’m happy with it. I’ll post back if/when I do something with the vids I shot.

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