Anvil or Hammer


Posted in Concept II,Gym Strength by Mike on February 26, 2008

Concept II
Vent open
Warm up 1000 meters sub 2:15

Vent closed
4000 meters sub 2:00

That was supposed to be 5000 meters but I simply could not hang.

135 X 5
185 X 5
225 X 5
275 X 5
All done with relative easy but I’m still nervous about the top of the exercise and didn’t want to push it too far or too heavy

Bench is still out

Lat pull downs – close grip
120lbs 3 X 12

Tricep pushdowns – rope
60lbs 3 X 10

There wasn’t much space in the gym and I really wasn’t feeling the love, so home I went.

In good news, my morning weight was 230.8