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Posted in Gym Strength,Rest and Recovery,Toys and tools by Mike on February 24, 2008

The hip is coming along well. I’m still protecting it a bit but I don’t feel anything in any “normal” range of motion. I still feel it when I try to lay down on the bench, I’m still a little afraid to press overhead.

Friday Evening
For some odd reason I came into the gym with my left calf very tight. I couldn’t begin to tell you why. a little jumping of rope only made it worse, again, no idea why. I decided to do a lift that involved no calf work at all or very little.

Deadlift – all double overhand
135 X 5
225 X 5
315 X 5
405 X 1
I’m still uncomfortable with the idea of mixed grip until I sort this hip out a bit more.405 is right at the top of my grip’s range for a double overhand pull. Some days I can, some days I can’t. I had to cheat a bit and hook this one. Hurt like the dickens.

Well, that was about all the excitement I could handle. The weather sucked the gym had actually been locked up long before I got there, I just happened to catch someone going out the door on my way in. so I went and pansied about for about half an hour.

20lb dumbell
Chest Flies X 15
Back Flies X 15
Side Raise X 10
Lat Pull down – wide grip 80lbs X 12

three sets, slow, full range of motion.

Saturday was exciting, no training but exciting. I got my latest attempt at getting my body more into sorts, M2: Magnificent Mobility. I’ve gone through most of it. There is some stuff that is pretty irrelevant but some that is very relevant. They encourage you to figure out what you need to do, which is cool.


Not so terribly long ago, I was a very silly person and left my MP3 player in my shorts pocket, they got washed and so did it. The MP3 player didn’t survive the experience. I was considering getting a new one anyway, I’ve had it since we lived in Greeley and it was starting to wear out. I had replaced my wife’s already, which I bought shortly after mine. The time was right and I went on a MP3 player hunt.

My wife has an Apple iPod Shuffle and loves it, a lot. I’ve got one major complaint with them and that is a lack of playlists. So I was in the market for a reasonably priced MP3 player like a shuffle but with that capability. I’ve bought a variety of products from Sandisk over the years and knew they had a line of MP3 players out there. It turned out they had the one for me. I bought a Sandisk Clip. (the official site seems to be down at the moment)

Unrelated to anything
Today Laura got a gym membership to a local “express” gym. I think it will be a much better fit for her than the gyms I go to and I am happy for her.

Laura also stumbled upon a blog that had a wonderful post and an even better quote:

“There’s no such thing as gravity.  The earth sucks.”

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  1. Scott Styles said,

    I strongly prefer the players in that price range over the top end stuff. It’s too easy to ruin one to invest a few hundred dollars in it.

    I was wondering where you got off to. Keep it up!

  2. Mike said,

    yeah I keep wondering off. These injuries are really frustrating me and making it hard to find any kind of training plan. I feel like I’m in the home stretch finally.

  3. speedstudio said,

    Mike: Is the “Mag. Mobility” the Eric Cressey program? I’ve never read or heard anything other than the advertising. Is it worth the cost? Does it have any diagnostic features?

  4. Mike said,

    That’s the program indeed.
    It doesn’t have much, or really anything, in terms of diagnosis. It is basically a catalog of ROM exercises with some discussion as to how and why, I think they could have done it with a book just as easily as a DVD. I like the exercises but I would not actually tell anyone to go out and spend money on it, I suspect there are more comprehensive sources out there. I just don’t know what they are.

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