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Monday Morning Weigh in: 233.8

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight by Mike on February 18, 2008

A bit disappointing but not surprising. I have been eating like I didn’t care since Thursday. So it goes.

Laura did help me with a bit of diagnosis on Saturday. With a couple anatomy books open and working through some ranges of motion, we narrowed down the current discomfort to the obturator muscles (external and internal), or so we think. This seems to be some kind of secondary/compensation injury from the initial one. I can move in straight lines pretty well, twisting with the left leg is pretty much out at the moment. I should have no trouble rowing or possibly even a little light deadlifting this evening.

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  1. No. 6 said,

    The weight is probably up a hair due to yesterday. You have to remember that with your month-long “low-carb” trial diet, you will have more water-retention rebound when you come off of it. The good news-it’s water. The bad news-no one tells you this. Kinda like the myth surrounding Atkins dieters–that they were “happy dieters” due to consuming high volumes of fat. When in fact studies pointed out that they were actually cranky bastards. Your weight will be down again by the end of the week, if not tomorrow.

    Thank you also for mentioning the twisting difficulty with your left leg. Gotta do those hip exercises. Dad emailed links to an online article, and two other stretches (in addition to what is mentioned in the article) came to mind while I was reading that I didn’t show you. Do the lower abs/hip work for at least 15-20 minutes, twice a week, not on lifting days, and you should be feeling better within a few weeks.

  2. speedstudio said,


    My last cycling injury involved a substantial separation of my sacroilliac joint that featured problems in my entire hip & lumbar area. (I think it is the source of my recurring lumbar problems)

    I had pain and ROM limits in my right obturators region as well.

    Once the acute pain and swelling was reduced, my rehab involved frequent and considerable stretching of the hip flexors and other muscles (hams, quads, etc).

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