Anvil or Hammer


Posted in Cardio,Concept II,Gym Strength by Mike on February 11, 2008

Concept II Vent Open
5,000 21:25 (sub 2:10 lap)

Off to the nautilus room
Leg Extension12 X 120lb
Leg Curl 10 X 100lb
Circuit X 10 (yes ten)

Bench 8 X 120lb
Row 10 X 100lb
Cicuit X 4

Side Raises 10 X 75lb
Pull overs 10 X 100lb
Circuit X 4

Barbell Curl 8 X 75lb
Standing French Press 8 X 75lb
Circuit X 5

Out of time, had to go to the class I am currently sitting in, typing this.

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