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Monday Morning Weigh in: —-.-

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight by Mike on January 28, 2008

I forgot. I was halfway out the door before it occurred to me and I was running behind. I’ll try and remember to weigh myself tomorrow. I haven’t done a morning weigh in for a while but the couple other times I have stepped on the scale out of a whim, I have been holding 235.

I’m out and about until 8pm today so all my food had to come with me. Today’s food will look something like:

3 eggs, few ounces ham, 1 serving shredded cheese
1 cup coffee with nothing added

0700 (this is when I was doing protein shakes)
1/2 serving Salmon
Coffee with nothing added

Spinach Salad ( a couple serving of blue cheese dressing)
1/2 serving salmon

1/2 serving salmon

Spinach Salad ( a couple servings of Blue Cheese dressing)
1-2 servings chicken

nothing – headed to the gym

Protein shake – I had said  wasn’t going to use these but this seemed perfect. I didn’t want to carry something around all day that I needed to refridgerate. So this is supper.

Probably nothing – maybe I’ll take some nuts for this one

Finally back home. I may grab some more nuts or something.

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