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Posted in Kettlebells by Mike on January 27, 2008

Due to circumstances that were somewhat beyond my control, I had to miss Friday evening.

40K kettlebell 5 X 20
Then I did a couple rounds of Providence, which my wife was doing at the time, with a 24K kettlebell.  Then I took the dog for a run.

Tomorrow begins “normalcy” for me. Classes start, I’m at work and I can get a schedule going. It’s gonna be a Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule. Tomorrow may be a it abbreviated ’cause I have to buy my books too. Tomorrow will probably just be rowing. Monday’s will probably normally have some kettlebells involved. Wednesday and Friday will be typical gm work. I’ll try to work in some kind of strongman/dinsosaur/kettlebell thing on the weekend, if I can.

While I’m babbling. My weight is up. I haven’t seen 240, even a the worst of time, but still. Not cool. I’m dumping the protein shake for a while, I think the calories are doing more harm than good. I’m cutting back my fruit just a little bit and upping my protein as much as I reasonably can. I have make some chicken strips and salmon that I have already prepped for the week.

I’ve been meaning to catch you all up on Good Calories, Bad Calories as well. I took a break during the holidays and am just getting back into it. It’s slow and tough at times but still a great read. Some interesting things have been said. I’ll catch you up soon. I’ve also ordered Protein Power to use as my guide to low carb eating.

Speaking of low carb. I’ve begun some low carb work already. I still insist on eating with my wife, eating things she will eat. Occasionally that means that I will make two suppers, a sandwich for her, meat for me. Occasionally it means I will eat a bowl of pasta. That’s just the way it is.  I haven’t figured out how much or if I will document what I eat or how many carbs or any of that.

Lemme see, I haven’t been very chatty lately. There’s more but that’s all i can come up with for now.

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  1. No. 6 said,

    It’s alright to say that No. 6 was sick with a bad cold, and works for a rather solution-challenged group of program directors. Who would be comparable to the Bruces, minus the seven rules and any sense of humor, whatsoever. Yes, there is a joke in there.

    Well, except for Stan. 🙂

    Anyway, do not despair over essentially two months off from your regularly scheduled workouts.

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