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You know who you look like…

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on January 11, 2008

…been a long time since I heard this one….

…Henry Rollins….

All I can say is thanks. It was a compliment when I used to get it and it’s a compliment now.

135 X 5
225 X 5
275 X 5
315 X 3
365 X 1
I had planned on more but I felt that weird, uncomfortable stretch in my low back that I have been getting for a while now. Sure enough, tonight, it’s sore. I sure that dang PT could of helped me with that, it was one of my few detailed complaints. He just thought I was silly for ever squatting to parallel, why, in life, would I ever need to squat more than halfway? I guess he lives in a world where nothing is on the floor. I still don’t know what’s causing it. Keeping my abs tighter helps and I think I have lost some of that instinct when I squat but there is something more. Something has tightened or loosened that should not have.

Staggered Squat 135  5/5
This is one Chris found somewhere and I thought I might poke at it. Interesting lift. I wouldn’t push the weight if I were you and if you’re one of those “squatting is bad for your knees” people, stay away from this one, there are some real tight angles at the bottom.

Jerk 135 5 X 5
Working on making this a legitimate jerk not a push press, I think I succeeded but it also showed me how much further I need to go with my Jerk to make it a real lift for me. This was almost exhausting.

Standing Leg Curl 50 3 X 8/8

Leg Extension 90 4 X 10

Standing Calf Raise 400 2 X 20

Back Extension 2 X 20

Situp 30

That was about an hour. Still an hour to go. So I dinked around. I jumped some rope, hit the bag, power snatches, cable cross overs, Hercules hold (a mere 150lbs), pull ups, weird medicine ball push up thing.

That’s it for the night.

Thanks to Scott for the bump to get moving. I would have had to go tonight anyway so that didn’t change much, but I kinda needed the bump. I’m just struggling with inertia these days. I think we are rolling now.

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  1. Ben said,

    Ahh sounds like you and I both have low back problems at the moment. For starters I pretty much had to quit doing heavy oly style back squats. For some odd reason performing front squats does not irritate my back so I’ve pretty much subbed that lift into my routine. The westside style wide stance box squats have also been a solid replacement, but I am not performing them above 275lbs yet for caution. Overhead squatting seems to be ok as well. It was said somewhere that low back injuries are not due to overuse of a muscle, but rather misuse. I defintely believe I have flexibility issues in both my hamstrings and low back. For the next 2 months I’m just taking it slow and testing things out. One more thing I did was switched out my oly style shoes in favor of chuck taylors. You’ll have to play around and see what irritates it and what doesn’t. Still a shame that your former PT was not able to help you out.

  2. Chris Rice said,

    It’s good to take a few days off once in a while. How’s the Yoga coming – you never know but it might help out the back some too?

  3. Mike said,

    This thing is darn annoying. I have my suspicions as to what is causing it but can’t say.
    Yoga’s not so good. With that new tape, I tried the 30minute routine, the one the guy recommends in his intro. Unfortunately, about minute ten he has you put your leg behind your shoulder. From there on, I’m out.

    I hate to admit it but I think I’m gonna have to go the DDP route of Yoga for Regular Guys. Scary to think that is the class I am in.

  4. Scott Styles said,

    Glad to see you back at it. I too have been finding it harder to train as of late. Must be the short days.

    Henry Rollins is an entertaining guy. I enjoy his spoken word albums. Black Flag never caught on for me, but I gave a few of their albums a listen.

  5. Mike said,

    short days… yeah that’s it.

    I like Henry for his Rollins Band days. I never have been able to find a spot in my rotation for Black Flag despite my best efforts. I like his early spoken word stuff but that ended with Think Tank (very late 90’s release). Now a days, we both just remember how good he used to be.

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