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Blow the dust off

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on January 5, 2008

So I begin again.
It’s  a new day and a new year. For my first workout of ’08 and my first workout in far too long I planned on hitting it light, real light but doing some volume.

Snatch -> OHS 40K X 3
Clean ->FS 60K X 3
Dealift (DO) X12

Bench 135lbs X 12
Narrow Grip X 3
Wide Grip X 3

T-Bar Row 45 lbs 4 X 12

Oly Squat X 12
80K X 3

Seated Calf Raise 50lbs 3 X 15

DB Lunge 50lbs 2 X 5/5

That’s it, nothing grand, just getting moving. I’m happy with it and yes there is soreness today. Tomorrow I will tune up further. It’ll be time to get down to business on Tuesday.

I haven’t been reading y’alls journals either so I’ll be catching up with you guys. I’ll post some new training guidelines for myself. I’m abandoning the approach of switching goals every month. For the short term I’m gonna just write out my goals with the Big List in mind, that may change with time too.

That’s it, happy ’08. Talk to you all again soon.