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Hurt so good

Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on December 16, 2007

I took a crack at Power Yoga, the Bian Kest one, today. Yep, waaaay above my level. Halfway through I was just hanging out waiting for something I could do. So I’m ordering the the Beryl Bender Birch version right now.

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  1. Chris Rice said,

    Hehehe! And guys say Yoga is for sissy’s! I had a DVD made up for you here at Gripmas Mike – just forgot to give it to you. PM me your address again and I’ll drop it in the mail.

  2. Mike said,

    Sissy? oh no, I never thought sissies. If I have had one complaint it has been the other way around. I’ll be in touch with you via farmstrength. I’ve got one for you as well. We’ll trade.

  3. Scott Styles said,

    I think you will find the Beryl Bender Birch DVD well within your grasp. She does a good job providing modifications for each exercise.

    Other than a lot more standing doubled over than I will do, the exercises look pretty good. The program is in my queue to try during an off week. I fast forwarded through it the other day.

  4. Chris Rice said,

    I have her book but not the DVD – I have the David Swenson Short Forms DVD (tape actually) and the half hour routine is the favorite so far of all the Astanga ones I have tried.

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