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Get bent: DU

Posted in Grip by Mike on December 15, 2007


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Slow to act

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on December 15, 2007

Thursday I was set up to row, easy, for 30 minutes. I just wasn’t feeling it so I came home and jogged with the dog instead.

Friday, Dumbarton. All day I was having an internal argument. I was having trouble convincing myself to keep it light. Ultimately, my resolve to go light won. I’m happy about that.
Jump Rope 3 minutes
Goblet Squat 20lbs 3 X 20
DO Deadlifts 100K 3 X 20 (I had to stop briefly a couple times on the later two sets, mostly to reset my grip which did get tired on this)
Standing Press 40K    3 X 20 (I had to take breaks on about every 5, just to keep going)
Pushup 3 X 10
Situp + 10lbs (Plate Behind the Head) 3 X 15
Seated Row 70lbs 3 X 15 (probably too light)
Leg Extensions 80lbs 3 X 12
Standing Leg Curls 70lbs 3 X 12

…and that was an hour. I ended up spending the next hour talking with a powerlifter at the gym about everything I know about powerlifting, which turned out to be more than he knew prior to his recent competition. It was a good time.

Nothing so far for today, maybe a few bends later, maybe not. Probably yoga tomorrow.

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