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100 X 40: Month Two Conclusion

Posted in Goals by Mike on December 12, 2007

 76. 50 Ring Dips
12. Overhead Squat 200
88. 10 dips with 100 additional pounds
50. Lap a stone >= 350lbs
77. 75 Ring Pushups

50 Ring Dips
I got my poor man rings made, that was a big step. I actually attempted the ring dips for the first time in a long time last night. I am a loooong way for 50, I got 3X3.

Overhead Squat 200
I worked the overhead squat during this period. I actually did 60K snatches to and overhead squat, not too bad, for me. I also worked the Overhead squat from a bottom position, doing 80K from here. I think I’m not too far from hitting this one.

10 dips with 100 additional pounds
I did dips with 25 additional pounds, but for reps. Still a ways to go.

Lap a stone >= 350lbs
I would say I made no progress here.

75 Ring Pushups
Again, I got my rings made, that’s huge. I worked the ring pushup a bit and it went pretty well. I don’t think I am so far off from this one.

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