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100 X 40: Intermission

Posted in Goals by Mike on December 12, 2007

Intermission, that’s what I’m calling this half month in December that is not part of a month for the purposes of my goal setting. So I have spent two months with this new goal thing. It has so wrinkles to iron out but it’s a good concept.

I don’t think the whole random thing is working like I would like it to. A month is too short to make progress on many of the various goals. I still want to avoid getting bogged down with some of the really serious goals. I could very easily get a list of: Squat 700, Clean and Jerk 1.5 X Bodyweight, 2″ Dumbbell Snatch 100K, Lap a 350lb stone. With that list, I would be stuck for months, years really.  So I think when I start back up in January, I’m going to do more to try a pick what I work on at a given time. In the case of a lot of the big goals. I may make up and interim goal and work that. For example, I think I’m gonna set a goal of a 500lb squat and deadlift. That’s something to work for a bit, it doesn’t actually achieve one of my goals but it moves me in that direction.

I’m going to still keep the David Seah schedule of checking in on my goals every month. I think that is a good plan. It’s a chance to evaluate the goals I am currently working. I’ll still use the day of the month that matches the month (1/1,2/2…). I’ll also still keep December goal less.

For this December, that starts today (for goal purposes). I have decided to go light. Yep, for the next 19 days, I’m not going heavy. I’m gonna do some yoga. I’m gonna do some easy bodyweight stuff. I’ll still row at least one day a week, probably two, I’ll still work the gym on Fridays but I think I’m gonna stay out of the gym for the most part beyond that.

The start of my January month will be delayed a few days because I have family in town for those first couple days but more on that later.

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