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Events for next year

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on December 11, 2007

I’m not gonna be doing all of these but I just thought it might be interesting to share. I’ll post links at the bottom so folks can look for events in their area.

March 7 – 9
Virtual Powerlifting meet
April 5
2008 Mid-Atlantic Strongman

May 16 – 18
Virtual Bench/ Virtual Military Bench meet

June 14
2008 Maryland’s Strongest Man

July 25 – 27
Virtual Powerlifting Meet

September 5 – 7
Virtual Deadlifting meet

October 3 – 5
Virtual Weightlifting Meet

November 7 – 9
Virtual Bench/ Virtual Military Meet

December 5 – 7
Virtual Powerlifting Meet

Grip Contests
Strongman Contests
Virtual Meet

Someone let me know if you know of some others in the mid Atlantic region.

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