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Death in the family

Posted in Rant by Mike on December 2, 2007

Well, I’ve had another death in the family. So I’m hoping in my car an hauling back to the midwest, again. It looks like I’ll still be coming through Gripmas, just from the other direction. I’ll be out of touch and out of the gym for pretty much the entire week.

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  1. Ben said,

    Sorry to hear about the passing of a relative. You have had a tough year in that regard. My thoughts/prayers will be with you and your family. Hope you have safe travels and if you need anything give any of us a shout.

  2. speedstudio said,

    Mike: Please accept my condolences – travel safe.

  3. Mike said,

    Thanks for your thoughts guys.
    The good news is, I’m running out of old people in my family.

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