Anvil or Hammer

More tired than ever

Posted in Cardio,Dinsoaur Style by Mike on November 24, 2007

I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to have a license to use puns as bad as mine.

Hit a semi tire with my 10K (not a mistype) hammer, ladder (10/10,20/20, 30/30,20/20 X 2, 10/10 X 5)
Run with the smaller tire (45lbs inside) across the soccer field and back(yrds)
all in one long super set

I didn’t take a watch or a heart rate monitor so I have no idea how long it took me. It was hard though. It’s in the upper 30s here and I was sweating up a storm in my shorts and t-shirt.  I have muscles that are already putting me on notice that tomorrow may be an off day.

I should probably also mention that yesterdays kettlebell video was the culmination of 30 minutes of kettlebell juggling.