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Monday Morning Weigh in: 229.6

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight by Mike on November 19, 2007

Well, my original goal was 230. I’ve hit it. I later said I would push on to 225 just to make sure I was below 230 at the end of the year and for this spring’s strongman and I’ll do that as well.

This week will probably be a bad on for training. My body needs a break and the gym is only open a couple days,  so we’ll see what happens there. The way I see it, I need to eat really clean the first half of the week. I will relax and enjoy, but responsibly, on Thanksgiving. Maybe I can hit 228 or better next Monday. I haven’t yet seen a 228 of any kind on the scale so that will rock.

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  1. Scott Styles said,

    Good job Mike.

  2. Mike said,

    Thanks Scott and well done to you on 180. Well done, how many pounds have you lost?

  3. Scott Styles said,

    Thanks. I peaked at 248 in July of ’06, so 68 for now.

  4. Mike said,

    Congrats man. Great work.
    Your next mission:

  5. Scott Styles said,

    Hah! 3 Phd’s and an MD to find data that says “eat better, exercise more”. I love it.

  6. Mike said,

    When you are three PHds and an MD, you don’t have a lot else to do unfortunately.
    I guess they figure that if you won’t listen to one doctor, you might listen to four.

    I keep having people ask me what my secret is. When I say diet and exercise, they literally say “Don’t tell me that.” So then I tell them recreational drugs and sleeping late. That’s when they walk away.

  7. Scott Styles said,

    I bet you could market a diet program for $89.95 and have those same people flocking to your website for the “diet and exercise” advice. I don’t even try anymore. Discussing weight loss with most people is as bad as getting into politics or religion.

    99% of people who “want” to change their weight have the answers but have decided it isn’t worth the consistent effort. There is nothing wrong with that, but why deny it and waste everyone’s time? The best part of not putting in the work is that you don’t have to think about it!

  8. Chris Rice said,

    In general people place a value on something based on the cost – the newer “gurus” have this all figured out – something you can’t give away, people will buy for $49.95 and consider it a deal if you tell them the retail price is $109.95. The state of the industry has certainly changed over the years, and the constant struggle to come up with something new and different is constantly on going. The common thread is you have to actually do something and not just read something for it to work. I think my next product will be a book with 10# pages spaced one mile apart – at least they will get some exercise getting to and turning the pages.

  9. speedstudio said,

    I know a beautiful girl that swears by lunges, clove cigs, not sleeping or eating. She also sees 4 docs and is really hard to get along with.

    Good job guys!

  10. Mike said,

    I always wonder where they come up with those “retail” prices.

    “Buy my program for $99.00, that’s 300 dollars off the regular price of $399.99”
    oh yeah and…
    “It’s ANABOLIC, it’ll get you RIPPED”

    I agree that discussing weightloss is a minefield, that’s something I have never understood. If you have something that works for you and I don’t, I wanna hear about it. If I have something that is working and so do you, I’m not gonna take offense. I might stick to my thing but it’s all friendly.

    I do like the idea of putting the book pages a mile apart though.
    A beautiful girl who swears to smoking and not eating or sleeping is gonna find it hard to stay beautiful, still there is a certain age at which that can look good. The skinniest (unhealthy skinny) person I have ever known was a doctor who was never seen eating but smoked heavily and literally brought 3 of the largest coffees that Starbucks makes to work with her each day. She just drank coffee and smoked all day, and she looked like she had just been released from a concentration camp.

  11. speedstudio said,

    The starving rocker chick look gets old after the hair and teeth begin falling out. $300 sunglasses only go so far.

    As far as weight loss and fitness programs – humans in a natural state are lean creatures. We only have to look to the simpler, indigenous societies of the past – work hard every day – eat only what is necessary to sustain the work. Surround yourself with like-minded people.

  12. Mike said,

    “Surround yourself with like-minded people.”
    That’s why I hope to keep you all reading along.

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