Anvil or Hammer

Holey Hands Batman

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on November 16, 2007

LeftHand RightHand

I warmed up alternating
Ring Pushups X 5
Pullups X 3
Very light Deadlifts X 2

These workouts are starting to bore me, I need some variety
Sumo Deadlift 425 X1, 2
Situp + 65lbs X 33
Deadlift 425 X 4, 4(straps)
Leg Lifts
Good Morning 100K X 3
Roman Situp + 25 X 25
Leg Press 650 X 4, 4 (assistance/forced reps)
Sidebends 70K 10/10
Suitcase Deadlift 90K 10/10
Hyperextensions + 45 X 15

I just want to point out that although I suck at good mornings, I’m within 5 pounds of my bodyweight so I get some slack there, I say.