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Further than before…

Posted in Concept II,Dinsoaur Style by Mike on November 14, 2007

…but not quite all the way

I thought I might take a crack at 100 clean and jerks with a 100lb sand bag. I did good but couldn’t go the distance, exhaustion and abuse set in after a while.

10 reps – 1:27
10 reps – 2:17
10 reps – 2:24
10 reps – 2:59
10 reps – 4:30
rest – 3:16
5 reps – 1:43

I tried to use 160 bpm as my marker that it was time to start another set. The rest after set five was me going to 100 bpm. For once I had a chair with a back to sit in. The best recovery I have ever had. It still didn’t prepare me to go around again.

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