Anvil or Hammer


Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on November 4, 2007

My back is feeling a whole lot better. I used several rounds of ice and heat each morning and night since. The only thing that remains sore is more of my side. I assume that the injury was a muscle pull to either my oblique or some deep muscle that attaches at the top of the hip and leg. I know there are quite a few of those and they are hard to get at. I haven’t drug out my A&P books to decide. When I visit the PT on Wednesday, obviously, I’ll mention this along with the 3 other specific things I want to talk to him about. I’m hoping he’ll have some ideas and maybe put me throughsome mobility tests and find some things I may not even be aware of.

I haven’t done anything “training-wise” since Friday night. I debated some light rowing today but I”m just not sure I want to do it. I’ll get some light stuff in on Monday and maybe a little on Tuesday. Wednesday is PT, Thursday is regualr training, Friday I will probably not go heavy and just do a pumper routine.

I’m gonna run heavy tomorrow. Some of that is due to the lack of activity but some is due to me choosing to eat more,┬áhoping it will help with the muscle healing.

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