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Posted in Grip by Mike on October 31, 2007

My worst diet day in a very long time. A whole mess of greek for lunch and Wendy’s for supper. We eat drive through about once every couple months. This was the night. Back at it tomorrow.

Light jog with the dog today

I bent nine timber ties, three in each style. I need to make sure I am bending the reverse ones far enough. I lose any torch at about 20 degrees. I can flip it around and do a crushdown  from there but I think it may be too soon, I think it may count as a DO. I think I’m actually still weaker in the DO position, for starting, than any position. A little hands on training at Gripmas will hopefully give me the direction I need. Last, DU is still my position of choice, that’s just plain smooth for me. I found an article by Clay Edgin explaining that short stocky guys with short arms prefer and excel at DU while DO and reverse are better for lanky dudes. I think that may have changed some since folding became the method of choice.

I also did some block weights. I was short on time so I went for 1 rep max. I hit my forty pound block weight with my right hand, twice. I was unable to do it lefty. I also went out to my storage space and grabbed one of my blobs. That’s right, I have some blobs, for real, old York blobs. Only a few of them though. I grabbed the 42.5 blob and brought it in. I now understand the hype behind the blob. mine have rust on ’em  so they should be a little easier. Still, those things act like they are made of glass. That should make an interesting challenge.

Anyway, heart rate row tomorrow and some kettlebell holds.

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  1. Chris Rice said,

    Mike – the rules for reverse style bending say you have to bend the bar to 40 degrees within a 30 second time limit. Find some easier stock to work with until you get a feel for it. Buy some 1/4″ hot roll and some cold roll – cut it to like 7″ and work with the hot first – the longer length gives more bend before your hands touch together and will help the learning process.

  2. Mike said,

    Chris, thanks for the info. This aught to be interesting. I don’t think I bend to 40 degrees without crushdown in any technique. practice, practice, practice…

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